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Trek RV specialise in the design and construction of luxury VW campervan conversions, based primarily on the VW Transporter T6 or VW Transporter T5. We can supply campervans from new, used or from customer supplied donor vehicles. Trek RV have a passion for creativity, innovation and a desire to create individual campervans that push boundaries for a truly unique end product. We work hard to make you the camper van of your dreams. We’ll collaborate with you to fully understand your requirements and desires to ensure that the final, full build work is completed to your specification. From luxury interior options to a range of accessories.


Over a decade of building dreams

Since 2009, Trek RV have pushed the boundaries of the leisure scene, innovating products and processes whilst investing time and money in revolutionary machinery to improve the functionality and usability of the Trek RV show winning VW Transporter conversions. Investment in state of the art machines ensures the highest quality finish, as well as opening design opportunities with enhanced capabilities.

In 2019, 10 years since the doors first opened, Trek RV relocated to a modern and ergonomic premises in Milton Keynes, offering great access to major roads and train stations. The new workshop has been designed and renovated internally, ensuring every aspect of the conversion process can be completed as efficiently as possible.

Look Inside

Our Processes

Our workshop has been designed and equipped to create the optimum environment for building our unique Trek RV. We have heavily invested into our machinery and tooling, so that any job can be completed in the correct way, completing every job handed to us with pride. Our workshop has over 8,000 sq. feet of workable area, giving us plenty of room to allocate to each van.


Stage 1

Discuss and plan

From initial contact we move into the planning stage of the process, where we decide the exact specification your campervan will be built to. We will sit down in our meeting room and every option, item and process will be explained and discussed until you are happy with the price and build. We will discuss colour options for every aspect of the build to include flooring, lining, upholstery and furniture. This stage can be spread over multiple meetings if required, as this stage is very important as it reflects the end product. We will guide you through every option and colour to help you make the right decision for you, as every build is unique to each and every client.

Stage 2

Strip and prep

Once your build slot has commenced we do a pre conversion vehicle inspection, that includes full damage report and computer diagnostics report of the vans OBC. We then start stripping all interior parts that get boxed up and labelled for protection and the van gets protected with vehicle specific lining paper. The van then goes through the cut and drill stage, where every metal cut and hole is complete so that no more metal fabrication is required further on in the build process. All metal cuts and holes are treated in a metal primer after de-burring, which includes roof aperture, windows and floor access holes.

Stage 3

Insulate and trim

After all metal preparation is complete, we then trim all the exposed metalwork in the rear of the van for a smooth and luxurious finish. We use a high temperature adhesive that bonds the lining material to the metalwork, and joined with a seamless fit with no overlaps. Before the trimming is applied, the metalwork is prepped with a good scotch key for best adhesion, then cleaned with de-greaser. All raised parts of metalwork is flattened back and any excess sealant is removed for the best possible finish. After metal trimming is complete we then sound insulate the entire vehicle, and apply a second heat insulation layer on top.

Stage 4

Pop top roof

The elevating roof we supply and fit is the top of the range Reimo Easy-Fit panoramic range that fits perfectly to the profile of the vehicle. Reimo is the industry leader in campervan products and produce roofs exclusively for the VW transporter. The roof is installed with great precision and patience for the best possible fit, with no corners cut. Sika products as recommended by Reimo are used for all bonding stages with the correct primer and activator. This process is one of the most important, and takes around 3 days to complete allowing for the required sealant activation time between stages.

Stage 5

First stage electrics

The first stage electrics consist of the main and secondary wiring looms that connect all appliances and batteries together. These looms are made up in our dedicated electrical room where all wires are calculated on voltage requirements, voltage drops and wire lengths. We choose very carefully what wires are used for each job, so that no under voltage faults occur in the future. These looms are bound in automotive trunking, and routed specifically to not cause snagging or to foul on vehicle trim parts.

Stage 6

Under chassis installation

Under chassis installation is all done in one hit, which includes a 15 litre gas tank (unless gas free), 48 litre fresh water tank, Webasto heater, rear bed brackets and any suspension or geometry parts. All gas piping and water piping are also run at this stage ready for connection to the internal appliances. Any metal cutting or drilling of the vehicle chassis is once again adequately primed for rust prevention.

Stage 7

External styling

External styling and modifications are carried out with genuine OEM parts or quality branded aftermarket varients for alternative styling requirements. Styling parts include and are not limited to spoilers, splitters, side skirts, grills, side protection bars and alloy wheels.

Stage 8

Cabinetry and preparation

Trek RV pride ourselves on our cabinetry, and this aspect of the conversion is what has gained us our reputation of creating unique and exceptional campervans. At this stage your design becomes reality and the cabinetry is designed and cut on our state of the art CNC machine. Each furniture kit is different as its built around the clients individual specification to maximise storage and practicability. After the furniture has been cut on the CNC machine it then gets assembled in the assembly area with strict quality control, and fixed using the very best fixtures and fittings. All door edges are finished with a high quality ABS edging with a process from our top of the range edge banding machine.

Stage 9

Second stage electrics

This is where we install the heart of the conversion, with an extensively tested and meticulously designed electrical system that pushes boundaries in leisure vehicle power management sector. We run every wire to the correct length and wire gauge to make sure that all appliances and controls are receiving full voltage in a safe and controlled way. Lithium batteries are installed as standard with battery management systems built in, and optional upgrades to a gas free camper with induction hobs and microwave.

Stage 10

Final install and commission

Once the furniture kit is installed and wiring loom connected, the van comes together and the bed is installed and all finishing trims are fitted. We then put the van through an extensive quality control test where every aspect of the conversion is checked for quality and correct operation.The van is ready for collection, and will be professionally valeted ready to start your adventure and make memories of a lifetime.

  • Absolutely delighted with the conversion. I haven’t seen anything more stylish than your design and you finished it all beautifully. We’re really pleased we discovered Trek RV and will be watching with great interest as your reputation and success grow very quickly.

    Bill R
  • I would strongly recommend Trek RV. I had my conversion done 5yrs ago, and still looks great to this day. I found their customer service superb.

    Justin S
  • Found Trek RV on Google. I can highly recommend this company. In fact it didn’t feel like dealing with a company it felt like dealing with friends. Their passion for the work they do and the workmanship is off the chart. Rich and the team make you feel like it’s their van they are doing. They think of every detail and keep you completely up dated every step of the way. Everything is made to measure in their own workshop. The finish is exceptional. Faultless service and superb conversion. Worth every penny believe me. Thanks guys. Excellent!

    Lee A-D
  • The most amazing service from start to finish. From our initial contact right through to collection of our conversion (and beyond!) communication has been fantastic, all our ridiculous queries being answered quickly and helpfully. The van is something very special, the quality and attention to detail is incredible. Rich did an amazing job of guiding us through the planning stages (especially given some initial tense debate between my husband and I!) and beyond, and it was amazing to see how that all came together in a van which exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you to all at Trek RV!

    Sally C
  • we had our conversion done in 2014, after much research and then many discussions we chose our colours and choices of the conversion so much to choose from. Top class and top quality products and workmanship. absolutely love our van and the compliments received from anyone who has asked to look at the van. We are so proud to tell people Trek RV were who carried out the conversion. thanks guys

    Pat P
  • We had our Kombi converted by Dan, Lyall and the team a year ago and couldn't be happier with it. You can sense the love and attention to detail that goes into the conversions when you visit the workshop and see the work that goes into crafting the bespoke interiors. Having had it a year now, we can say that the van has become more of a central part of our every day life than we ever thought it would, whether its ferrying the grandparents around with the kids, van picnics next to a freezing beach or full-on camping adventures. My 6 year old just said that he 'thinks its amazing cos its got an upstairs'....its just great!

    Natalie T
  • We have just received our conversion and are over the moon with it, Everyone at Trek RV is amazing and the whole service provided was top notch. We did our homework on which company to choose and these guys certainly came out on top. Would highly recommend,cannot wait to start showing our new baby off

    Julie D
  • When we first visited 3B we were hugely impressed when they showed us around their work shops. We could tell that they took conversions seriously and were very passionate about their work. The quality of the materials and workmanship was clearly visible. As soon as we left we knew that this was the place to get our T6 converted (even though it’s a good 3 hour drive from our home) On the day we picked up our camper it was the most exciting day ever and 4 months later I still have a smile every day I see it our drive!

    Rob S

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