How to keep your Volkswagen Transporter campervan  in good condition

How to keep your Volkswagen Transporter campervan in good condition

How to keep your Volkswagen Transporter campervan in good condition

Battery Maintenance

It is important for both Lithium and AGM batteries to be regularly charged and not left flat, this can damage cells and reduce the lifespan of the battery.

If you have a solar panel, and the vehicle is kept outside then this will generally do an adequate job of keeping the battery topped up, however during the dark winter months it should be checked, to ensure that the levels have not dropped too low (i.e the van is completely flat) if so, the van should be plugged into the mains via the electric hook up, and or driven/left to idle to ensure they are charged.

Water Tank Cleaning

It is essential to carry out cleaning of the water system on a regular basis to prevent build-up of bacteria and other nasties, we provide a Whale Superfil device (a submersible pump) which can be used to fill the onboard tanks with a sterilisation fluid (e.g. Milton or Steradent) this can be mixed up in a suitable container, the tanks filled, left for an hour or so, and then the system flushed through with fresh water, we would recommend this is done twice a year (generally at the start and end of the season)

Webasto Maintainance

Webasto Thermo Top Evo Coolant Level
If you have this system fitted (i.e. you have hot water) there will be a reservoir under the bonnet which contains a 50/50 mix of OAT (pink) anti freeze and water, this is an open vent system and some liquid will be lost due to evaporation, so it is wise to check on a regular basis (i.e every time you go away) to check that it is full.

Webasto products are generally very low maintenance and do not cause issues, the common problems stem from lack of use, so they should be regularly run up to temperature on a periodic basis out of season.

Reimo Rail/Bed


Whilst essentially maintenance free, it is important to keep the floor rails free from excessive dust and material, as this can get caught in the slider mech and cause issues further down the line, a cordless hoover is a good investment for this.
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