The best campervan upgrades

The best campervan upgrades

Make your van your own with our extensive list of options.

We have based our standard specification on popular options that historically have been selected, this ensures our starting spec includes everything you need in a high specification conversion.

However the ability to tailor your conversion to your needs is important, so we have listed some of the popular options below.

Reimo 3000 Variotech

Reimo 3000 Variotech
The Reimo 3000 system is probably one of the most innovative products to be installed in your conversion, it allows huge flexibility in not only seating but load carrying capacity thanks to its sliding rail setup, allowing large items to be carried behind the seat – ideal for those wanting to carry bikes/snowboards/kitesurfing equipment for their weekend pursuit of choice!

Also for families with younger children its 3x ISOFIX points and the ability to slide forwards to a position close to the front seats is great for longer journeys.

The system is made in Germany by Reimo, and is TÜV-tested and N1 and M1 compliant passenger car and motorhome use.

Solar Panel

Probably the most popular option of all, a must have for all conversions, especially those with a ‘Gas Free’ setup. A solar panel will not only allow your leisure battery to be topped up when you are using the van, but is also an excellent way to ensure that the leisure battery voltage is maintained throughout the year when the van is stored and not in use. We predominately fit a 180w Austrian made flush panel, sometimes increasing to a 250W if required.

Off Grid Electrical System – Gas Free Camping!

A must have for those wanting to explore without limitation.

We offer systems using Victron products and also the Clayton Power LPS V2 setup, these will give you the freedom to travel anywhere and still have mains 230v for your appliances without the need to hook up, they charge from the vehicles alternator and also solar input, and utilise the latest Lithium battery technology to store the energy generated.

This enables us to produce vans that do not rely on gas for hobs or grilles etc, instead being replaced with cleaner safer and neater induction hobs and microwaves – very popular.

Webasto Thermo Top Evo – Heating and Hot Water

We like Webasto products, we have been using them for over ten years, they are the OEM supplier for heating products to many of the large automotive brands including VW/Audi group.

For this reason we include a Webasto Airtop STC 2000 in our starting specification, this provides efficient and safe heating of the vehicle via diesel for those cold evenings, however if you want to increase the comfort of your trip then the Thermo Top Evo may be worth considering. With its 5KW output it provides on demand hot water (as well as heating) at the sink and rear shower point, all neatly installed inside the vehicle taking up no extra space thanks to our custom fabricated header tanks.

Leather and Seat Coverings

Leather seats have been synonymous with a touch of luxury in vehicles for decades, as well as being durable and easily cleaned, this makes it one of the more often selected options from our list. We have a large array of hides to chose from, as well as custom stitching and thread options, or even Alcantara or faux leather options.


A wise addition to any vehicle, these not only provide peace of mind for recovery of the vehicle, but are often a requirement for many insurance companies these days, the Vodafone products we use also have a handy phone/desktop application with some useful features such as geo fencing and speed alerts.

Lowering Springs

These are popular for two reasons, they improve the handling of the van, and can level out the suspension (to avoid the rear being lower than the back due to the weight of the conversion/tanks etc) They also decrease the overall height of the van, nearly compensating for the additional height of the elevating roof or Thule awning if fitted – useful for height restrictor barriers in car parks/ferries etc.

Reimo Multi Rail

An often overlooked product, allowing awnings to be quickly attached, and also doubling up as a rain gutter (so often fitted on the offside too!) available in both SWB and LWB versions.

Additional Insulation/Sound Proofing

We extensively insulate the vans during the conversion process, using a combination of products to ensure thermal and noise reduction, we can take this a step further by extensive application of a product called ‘Silent Coat’ this is a product developed for the car audio industry, increasing the quality of setups, but is also well suited in our application, by reducing road noise and any ‘tinny’ noise you can get in a commercial vehicle.
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