How to operate a Reimo Easy-Fit pop top roof

How to operate a Reimo Easy-Fit pop top roof

How to operate a pop top roof

A simple task I hear you say.. however a couple of points to consider.

Firstly ensure that either a door or at very least a window is open, this is to allow the air to escape when the roof is lowered and to avoid the canvas ‘ballooning’ out of the sides of the roof.

As you lower the roof, do so slowly to ensure the canvas at the rear near the hinges is being directed inwards by the elastic/plastic reinforcement which are sewn in, failure to do this can cause damage.

As you reach the almost closed point now ensure that the canvas at the front, and the sides isn’t protruding out of the perimeter of the roof, do this by pulling it inwards and at the front begin to roll the remaining canvas, at this point it would be worth checking the exterior to ensure to canvas is protruding.

The Reimo Easy-Fit roof we favour at Trek RV is fairly simple in design, it uses straps to secure itself down, (2x) which engage in a clasp which when thread through grips the strap and clamps the roof down, we like this because of its simplicity and maintenance free design.

With the roof now down, thread the straps through the 2x securing brackets on the roof frame, and then back on themselves through the clasp and pull tight, work evenly side to side until with reasonable force you cannot tighten them any more.

We will be following this up with a video demonstrating this process to add some clarity to the above!

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